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Hot Shot Hoops 2010
Released Apr 19,2010
Version: 1.0 (iPhone OS 4,0 Tested)
7.5 MB

Do you like NBA?

Are you crazy about basketball?

Then experience "Hot Shot Hoops"!

Excellent 3D graphics and a real sense of presence will make you feel like you are right in the NBA basketball court. Both you and your opponent have a certain number of balls. You can choose to shot from any place of the court.
If you like football and are a football enthusiast, Penalty Soccer will be your top choice!

You scored once you shoot in.
But it is not that easy, your opponent may be more skillful than you! Therefore you need higher skills.
Easy to play, wich is different from the basketball games with complex operation.
You only need focus on shooting the ball into the small basketball hoop and feel the delight of it in such a big court.

Please fill in your name before you begin with the game.
You can choose to play against your friends or the computer.
You can choose your own uniform to dress the basketball players well.
You have to decide the shot power, which is really skillful. The ball will miss the hoop if you don't look out.
You have to control this part well if you want to get more points.
Both sides have equal chance. If you get more scores than your opponent, then you will be the winner!

Features of the game:
• 3D graphics, perfectly presents the match atmosphere
• Real physical property
• Player's uniforms can be changed
• AI difficulty challenge
• Skillful shoot control
• Easy to control and lots of fun

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